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Here is my SGI computers page. It is not complete by any means, so bear with me.

SGI computers are built like tanks, run an awesome UNIX-based operating system (SGI Irix), are blazing fast at floating point operations, and can handle massive amounts of data with ease.

At present my arsenal of systems includes one Octane system, two teal Indigo2 machines (but one is on the blink because of a bad power supply), and an Indy.

The good Indigo2 is a R4400 250MHz, 384MB RAM, Extreme graphics.
The busted Indigo2 is an R4400 200MHz, 64MB RAM, Elan graphics.
My Octane is a dual R12000 300MHz, 2GB RAM, MXE graphics.
And the Indy is an R4600 133MHz with 64MB RAM and 24 bit Newport graphics.

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